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Dovns Klint

The southern tip of Langeland is known as Dovns Klint. This dive site offers a varied seabed with chalk deposits, flatfish and a wealth of macro-organisms in the seaweed. The surrounding countryside itself is also very beautiful.

Geo co-ordinates



5- 7 meters


Beautiful sea bed, with many flatfish. Best during the spring and summer.


Take into account any anglers that might be present, and clearly mark where you are diving.


There can be a weak current moving along the coast.


Primarily macro photography

About Dovns Klint

The southern tip of Langeland, where the Langelands Belt meets the Baltic Sea, is called Dovns Klint. You reach here after driving through the beautiful countryside of south Langeland, with its characteristic “hat-hills”. Dovns Klint is rarely dived, which is a real shame as it is a great dive site. You can often meet many anglers here, especially in the spring.

After you have parked your car in the large car park, you really should walk up to the highest point of the cliffs to take a look over the dive site. Here you get a view over the varied sea bed with it’s chalk deposits, patches of gravel, medium sized rocks and sandy areas with eel grass. This spot is not popular with anglers without reason. It’s a great spot for flatfish, but good-sized cod often also appear close to the shore. If you would like to see cod, then you should consider an evening or night dive here. But remember anglers are active around the clock during the summer, so always mark you dive position very clearly.

The water here is never more than several meters in depth and the current is rarely strong. After entering the water it quickly reaches 2.5m in depth, and you usually don’t have to swim very long before you see fishing tackle lost by anglers. It is a good idea to bring leaders and lines back ashore with you. Close to the shore you will see good numbers of crabs and gobies and as you swim further out the seaweed belts are replaced by areas of sand and gravel, which continue some way from the shore. The many large flatfish can find plenty to eat here, and a wealth of macro-organisms will appear when you take a close look at the seaweed: shrimps, gobies, butterfish and sticklebacks can be found everywhere, and time can quickly go if you watch one of the pipefish which are also found here. There is a lot to see - especially in the summer.

If you are willing to take a short walk from the parking place, around 150m along the beach to the west you can enjoy a wreck dive from the shore. A small wreck is accessible from the shore here, but do take into account that the current increases in strength the further you are from land. The surrounding countryside around Dovns Klint is also very beautiful, and if you bring along the family, they will easily find plenty to do in these beautiful surroundings.

How to get here: Follow route 305 south from Rudkøbing until you are nearly in Bagenkop. A Around 1km before town make a left turn onto Gulstavvej which will take you all the way to Gulstav. There is a large parking place at the end of the road, next to Dovns Klint. There are toilet facilities at the car park.





Sværhedsgrad 1-5

Degree of difficulty

Mulighed for snorkel




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We have chosen to use the map WGS84 which is currently available and gives co-ordinates in decimal format. 

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