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Keldsnor Lighthouse

Beneath the beautiful Keldsnor Lighthouse is hidden away a really good shore dive. The site is surrounded by beautiful countryside, and you could not wish for a better setting for a trip beneath the waves.

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About Keldsnor Lighthouse

Beneath the beautiful Keldsnor Lighthouse hides a really good shore dive. The site is surrounded by beautiful countryside, and you could not wish for a better setting for a trip beneath the waves. In front of the lighthouse is a low cliff, but the rest of the shoreline is a pebble beach from which it is easy to enter the water. You can dive anywhere along this stretch, but it is the stone reef that makes up the best part of dive.


This reef stretches someway out into the Langelands Belt, and it is also a great spot for UW hunting. It starts close to the shore, the water getting deeper after only a few meters. There can be a weak current along the coast.


In May this site is a good choice if you would like to see turbot, brill and other flatfish, which can reach large sizes here. They are most often to be found when the bottom consists of gravel and small stones. The nature of the seabed varies between seaweed belts and areas of sand and gravel.


Here and there you will find larger rocks, beautifully overgrown with various types of seaweed. The stones making up the reef vary a lot in size, and in summer there is a great chance of seeing small fish fry here. The gravel patches are particularly good for turbot. During the summer there are always a number of small fish in residence here, but larger cod can also be seen.


Cod can often be seen if there is a current, lying in wait behind the stones, hoping for food items to swim past. If there is a current try swimming against it along the reef, this will give you your best chance of surprising a good sized cod. Here on the southern tip of Langeland, cod of 3 - 4 kg are often seen on night dives. The site is best when the wind is coming from the west.


It is worth diving here for the drive out to the lighthouse alone. You drive through the beautiful countryside of south Langeland, whose distinctive appearance is due to the ravages of the last ice-age. Once you arrive at the beach, as often as not you will have it all to yourselves.


After you are finished your dive, on your way home you should consider dropping by the Langeland Fort Museum, which is well worth a visit.

How to get here: From Rudkøbing follow the main road down to Bagenkop. Around a kilometer before turn left down Gulstavvej towards Dovns Klint. Turn to your left down Fakkemosevej, and after a few hundred meters turn right down Rathvej. At the end of this road continue past the lighthouse down a gravel track until you reach a small parking place next to the beach.





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