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Trip suggestions and accomodation


Trip suggestions for your diving club or group

The opportunities to take a diving trip in the South Fyn Archipelago are plentiful and diverse. The area is perfect for a short vacation offering scenic diving as well as wreck diving – and if you have got more time on your hands, you can add a couple of drift dives in the Little Belt Strait as well.


We have packaged a few trip suggestions making it easy for you to check out the prices and find out who to contact. With these trip suggestions, booking your next diving trip or short vacation will be a piece of cake.

Trip suggestions for the family or a small group

Why not take your friends and family diving in the South Fyn Archipelago? Here you will find trip suggestions providing activities for your non-diving friends and family members. Check them out below and find further information regarding non-diving activities at www.aktive-oplevelser.dk.



Trip suggestion 1

Hotel Christiansminde

Hotel Christiansminde

Diving and the City

Enjoy an extended weekend in scenic surroundings, where the sea and the diving possibilities are just outside your door.



Trip suggestion 2

Færgegårdens Camping

Færgegårdens Camping

Diving weekend for you and your friends

Experienced divers consider the waters surrounding Langeland as one of the best places for diving in Denmark. 


Trip suggestion 3

Faaborg Camping

Faaborg Camping

Diving and nature for everyone

Enjoy a lovely break with plenty of exciting experiences for the whole family. 


Trip suggestion 1   Trip suggestion 2   Trip suggestion 3

Trip suggestion 4

Syltemae Camping

Syltemae Camping

Diving & Kayaking

Situated right by Denmark’s most recent diving attraction – M/F Ærøsund – Syltemae Camping offers the perfect setting for a weekend spent by the coast. 

Syltemae Camping is open from April 1st until October 1st


Trip suggestion 5

Færgegårdens Camping

Færgegårdens Camping

Diving and Nature

Enjoy a lovely extended weekend with the family right next to amazing diving opportunities and lots of activities for everyone.



Trip suggestion 6

Avernakø Landhotel Skolen

Avernakø Landhotel

Diving & Island Exploring

The island of Avernakø is a great place for beach diving. Enjoy the island life.

Trip suggestion 4


Trip suggestion 5


Trip suggestion 6



Trip suggestion 7

Skarø Overnatning

Skarø, The South Fyn Archipelago

Diving & Island Experience

On the island of Skarø you will never be far from the sea, and since the renowned diving attraction M/F Ærøsund is located just off the island, it is the perfect place to set up camp.










Trip suggestion 7









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