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Explore the wrecks

If you wish to dive on the wrecks and explore the life around them, you may find that the Rudkøbing Harbour slipway is a good starting point for your expedition. Sailing time to the wrecks is short and when you arrive at the diving spot, you may bring up your boat to one of the yellow anchor buoys attached to each respective wreck.


The max mooring weight of each buoy is 2,000 kg.


The MTB wrecks are of significant historical value and it is prohibited to salvage pieces of wreckage. Removing pieces from wrecks is illegal without special permission. Leave the wrecks as you found them, ensuring that the next diver will also enjoy exciting experiences!



Diving at the wrecks is undertaken at your OWN RESPONSIBILITY. Always remember to look after your equipment and your safety. You should be aware that diving at the wrecks is not for rookies, so make sure that you have the right training and experience or are accompanied by a dive guide.


Sustainable diving

• Show consideration for the local bird life – parts of the local area, in which you find yourself – the innermost part of the Lunkebugten – is a bird protection area. So, do not sail to the bottom of the bay where birds are resting and feeding.

• Mooring at the buoys protects the wrecks and helps to preserve them for posterity. At the same time, you protect nature.

• Show consideration for the animal and plant life on the wrecks and in the surrounding area. You show consideration by not touching animals and plants and by not touching and stirring up the bottom – this also ensures you have the best visibility during your dive.

• Do not remove pieces of wreckage, but leave everything as you found it, permitting other divers to share the experience you have had.


Diving correctly

• Always fly A flag when diving at the wrecks.

• When diving, always have a boatman and stand-by diver on board.

• When diving in the evening and the night, light up the diver’s flag, thus signalling clearly to passing vessels.



• In case of diving accidents: Call the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC), The Royal Danish Navy (“Søværnet”), tel: +45 7285 0380.

• In case of other accidents: Call 112.





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